Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Temptress Does the Atlantic - Day 5

Sunday 16 Feb 2014 - Nothing much to report; no more breakages, no fish
caught. The crew have fallen into an eating meals, drinking endless cups of
tea and reading routine. Lunch was nice a reheated supermarket Spanish
tortilla and home made coleslaw, worth the effort of chasing veg round the
galley worktops and sitting on the floor to hold the pan under the grill.

However the big news is that it rained! We seem to have entered a band of
squally showers where the wind swings wildly through 30 degrees and gusts or
prolonged bouts of F6-7 occasionally gale 8. Now sailing on just a tiny
scrap of jib. The noon to noon run was a more conservative 158nm reflecting
both the reduced sail during yesterdays repairs and todays even smaller
amount of sail. The skipper has decreed that tonight we'll revert to two on
two off watches of four hours length as it can take one to steer and one to
handle sails at times. George is useless at predicting the wind and waves in
these conditions but at time so are we! At least the boat is getting a much
needed wash down and the dust in the atmosphere is gone.

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