Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Temptress Does the Atlantic - Day 3

Writing this (in my notebook) at 23:50 without a torch - there is a full
moon. Temptress is pounding along at 6 or 7 knots surfing at 8 or 9 with the
seas roaring around us. Every so often boat and waves get out of sync and
water slaps the starboard quarter with a bang then rises up to be blown into
the cockpit. George has been left solely in charge of helming as none of his
human companions fancies another soaking. Your scribe managed two today when
lured by the sun onto the helmsmans seat. Joe is drying our his Quinns shirt
yet again after a dousing post supper despite the new "dodger" made from our
sail number banner tied to the starboard rail.

Soon after breakfast (sausage and beans plus the obligatory Bimbo Thin)
Squiddie morphed into Squid Vicious with the addition of a small weight and
a triple hook in addition to the big single hook already in place plus a few
extra beads to tempt any nearby fish. Despite all this we have still failed
to land any catch except a few tiny flying fish that flung themselves on to
various parts of the deck. Just before supper our 3rd bite of the day was
being reeled in when 2 or 6 ft or dorade or tuna (depending on who tells you
the tale) was lost to a crashing wave. Supper was pork chop surprise, the
chops having a definite whiff were consigned to the ocean and mince was
cooked instead. tomorrow we plan to open the remaining vac packs of meat in
the fridge and cook any viable contents to prolong their life. There are
still a few more packs in the freezer but the end of fresh meat is in sight.
Fruit salad for pud was a hit - over ripe bananas, mango, pineapple and kiwi
fruit with the juice of a dubious lemon, sugar and cinnamon.

In the noon to noon lottery Kevin was the winner with 160 nm and having
washed down our tuna filled Bimbo Thins with a can of Tropical (beer in its
loosest sense) the crew began devising the rules for beer can pooh sticks.
It may be a race to see whose can sinks quickest or is could be a scientific
experiment about the placement of holes to encourage rapid drowning. Either
way the marlin spike has never seen so much use!

Finally Paul deserves a mention for his sterling contribution to the
domestic chores, his back still precludes much more than helming which we
aren't doing for the previously mentioned reasons so he has adopted the
washing up, refusing all offers of help. And the skipper deserves a plaudit
for remembering Valentines Day but there was no candlelit supper or flowers
just a frequent enquiry of his Naviguessser as to whether we can bear away
yet? The response to which is always; it is unlikely as we are already
heading towards our destination. He really doesn't get that there is little
more southing to be made or seems to account for the huge magnetic variation
in these parts. With a bearing to waypoint of 284 and a course over the
ground of 275 (all magnetic) we may have to head up a bit but for now the
Naviguesser is happy we'll hit Grenada and not Venuzuela or Tobago.

It would be nice to not need fleeces and oilies at night but the forecast we
downloaded this morning indicates the winds are set to continue and we
should make a fast passage.

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