Monday, 24 December 2012

Fitting Out?

Old rudder with severe osmosis
I know it's a bit early to be thinking of fitting out, a task usually reserved for the European Spring but with Temptress out of the water, rudderless, we asked the yard to look into obtaining and fitting a water maker. Like all big boat purchases, the Skipper has spent a long time pondering what was needed, asking fellow cruising sailors what they think of their model, where such a beast might fit and putting off the acquisition until we are closer to needing it.

Now we know exactly what model we want, what power it will consume, what quantity of water it will supply and that it will fit mostly under our bunk making use of the seawater inlet for the galley. Or at least we thought we did until we had an email from the yard informing us that the object of our desire had been discontinued as "more efficient models are now available in the market".

So now we are back to researching and pondering. If the unit is size x will it still fit in the space we have? Come to think of it how big is that gap under the master bunk behind the drawers? Did we ever write down the measurements? Should we try another little-used space aft behind the fuel tank? What size are the other components? Where could we fit them? What power consumption? How much water do we really need to produce each day, which really equates to how long do we want to run the engine for each day?

Power toys!
Meanwhile the Skipper has been doing a little bit of shopping himself and purchased a couple of Chinese 100w solar panels, a regulator plus a few other bits and pieces. The intention once Christmas and the last of the transitional rains are over is to attempt to power our balcony pot watering system with the kit. A trial run if you like towards adding some extra generation capabilities to Temptress, complementing our 2001 wind generator and the most recent addition to our charging systems, a heavy duty Balmar alternator. The latter ensured we could remain at anchor most of our summer holiday. The motoring we did into and out of ports keeping the batteries more than adequately topped up no plugging in to mains electricity required but diesel costs and has to be sourced when you are cruising out of the way places so an alternative is needed.

So it seems we really are doing some long distance fitting out. Happy Christmas!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Use of English...

There is a wonderful little book "English As She is Spoke" which always used to sit on my bookshelf to be taken down and read whenever I needed cheering up. It is a crazy Portuguese-English phrase book the content of which always makes me chuckle, my copy currently resides back in the UK on Temptress but help is at hand here as almost everyday something language-wise tickles me pink.

Recently I've noticed both Kevin & I seem to be adopting small phrases that are peculiarly Dubai-speak like "at the back-side of" or should it be "backside" or even "back side" - like a lot of things here the spelling is phonetic. It basically is a direction to go round to the far side of something. For example at the back-side of the hotel would be around to the rear of the building. Whereas at the back-side of the supermarket could be describing the location of the item you are looking for, ie it can be found at the back of the shop.

We are also used to seeing "Jebel Ali" followed by 'Jabal Ali' on successive blue motorway signposts close to home.  And too the pondorous language used on notices about fire alarm testing or window cleaning at our apartment block. Language and spelling which convey the sense perfectly but isn't necessarily how a native English speaker would say it and annoyingly, you often can't quite decide how you'd phrase it instead.

Todays little gem came from a phone call made by the Aramex man who arrived at our apartment with a delivery for "Mr Kevin" who this being Sunday morning was at his office. Having established the recipient was not present the courier asked to see Mr Kevin's passport before he would hand over the package containing a replacement debit card. I explained that said passport is currently in Dusseldorf being renewed so it was not "at home" to use his phrase.

The courier unphased promptly phoned Mr Kevin and asked for his ID number. I heard my other half's voice commence reading out a number only to find himself interupted by the courier; "no, the number with photoside down". Brilliant! I will endeavour to use that instead of "on the reverse" as soon as I can find an opportunity!