Sunday, 14 March 2010

Household Gadgets Rant...

What is the point of a washer-drier ? To start with it takes only about half a normal load for washing cycles, which equates to approximately the clothing two people were wearing yesterday in a hot sunny climate. Once its completed the wet cycle the only way to dry the stuff is to take half the wet washing out. Fuel efficient it certainly isn't - I'd rate this particular example as category Z. Tried to wash a kingsized duvet cover today on its own (our fully furnished flat has kingsized furniture). After 60 minutes a warm soggy mass was the result. Now attempting to get two sheets and four pillow cases clean and dry. The outside temperature is over 30 degrees today so I've put the duvet on the clother airer in the spare room with the window open but it still looks like we're sleeping pillowless on the spare bed tonight :-(

PS: Now I understand why there is a laundry on the mezzanine of this block - most tenants do their weekly wash in the huge American toploaders down there and then dry it in the capacious driers perched above them. Clean and dry linen  well before bedtime - yippee!

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